Sino-American Marketing Partners | Working with Us
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Working with Us

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Some businesses fair well in the United States, but would fall flat trying to get into the orient. The first step in your journey to China is for our team to get to know you. What is your business? What is your primary source of revenue? What processes do you have built in your business that we can leverage to bring your company to China? Most importantly – we’ll need to identify your marketing audience. We’ll need to know who is your customer, why they buy from you, and establish demographics and pyschographics for that customer base in order to translate those buyers into Chinese buyers.

Are You a Good Fit?

In China, it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you know. Our professional network reaches far and wide from technology and durable goods factories, to executives at China Mobile and DHL China. From directors and photographers in Beijing’s “new Hollywood” to legal and government officials, we know everybody – well almost. In order for us to be a good fit, we need to ensure that our network of business and government connections will be beneficial to you. If it is, then we can further discuss how we can work together. If we determine we have insufficient leverage to help you with your product, we’ll be the first to tell you you’re not a good fit.

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Getting Started

Once we know who you are, what you do, and have confirmed our professional network and boots-on-the-ground resources can help you enter the Chinese market, we’ll offer you our Chinese Market Discovery Package. This flat rate service creates the strategy necessary to open the door to China for your business including the contacts you’ll need, legal requirements we’ll need to fulfill, as well as funding and marketing strategies.

Taking Action

After you have a completed Chinese Market Discovery Package in-hand, your next steps will vary depending on your business and market. For many, the next steps include traveling to China to forge relationships. For others, online marketing and testing will be the next step. Regardless of where you want to go after you’ve completed the Chinese Market Discovery, we offer as much or as little coaching as you need. Need us to take you to China, wine and dine the contacts, and build the business relationships you need to succeed? We’ll be there. Only need us to help you (occasionally) negotiate over the phone? We’ll be there too.

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